Brakes replacement

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Here at Australind Mobile Mechanics, we use high-quality Bendix brakes pads. Unlike other cheap brands, Bendix brakes are a high-quality product, that will not squeak or leave the awful brake dust on your rims.
Put your foot down with confidence with Bendix. Bendix brakes have been known to provide outstanding braking experience, durability and safety.

How often should I change my brake pads?

 Brake pads should last anything from 15,000 to 70,000 kilometres. If you feel that your brake pads are wearing out prematurely you may need to have your mechanic install heavier duty, temperature resistant brakes pads such as Bendix Heavy Duty.
 Brake pads like the Bendix Heavy Duty can handle heavy loads and frequent stops, without losing braking performance or stopping power. … Specially designed shims and backing plates by Bendix also help increase brake efficiency and reduce noise.