Caravan & Trailer Bearings

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Australind Mobile Mechanic caravan wheel bearing are not a problem, we can come to you or we have plenty of room for you in our yard .
A wheel bearing and brakes service is one of the more straightforward, but most essential, maintenance requirements for any caravan. The wheel bearings should be checked and regreased every 12 months or 10,000km, whichever occurs first.  Afterall there is nothing worse than being caught in the middle of nowhere with a caravan “(or camper) without wheels!
This is also a good time to check the brakes – in particular, the brake shoes, electric brake magnets and the inner drum surface.
You’ll need to be prepared to replace some key components, even if your bearings and brakes are in good condition. You’ll need a new split-pin and a new bearing seal for each axle, and be prepared to replace the inner and outer bearings if they are pitted or worn. Caravans often use Holden or Ford bearings and are easy to find at any good spare parts shop